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Healthy Cooking: Scrumptious Soups

If you have a blender and some imagination, you can make creamy soups that will fill you, your family and your friends with healthy and tasty fare.

These foods are low in calories, high in fiber and low in sodium. The list that follows includes great produce sources for essential nutrients:

Follow these tips for making superb soups:

1.  Load soups with a rainbow of veggies. Spinach, escarole and other dark greens are great. Orange veggies, such as carrots, squash and sweet potatoes, are loaded with beta carotene. Frozen vegetables [without sauce) can stand in when your farmers' market is closed. And leftover steamed veggies can easily be seasoned and turned into soup.

2.  If you want to thicken a soup, add cooked sweet potatoes, leftover brown rice, whole-wheat bread crumbs or ground oatmeal.

3.  Skip the cream and use a dollop of tangy, plain fat-free yogurt or low-fat sour cream instead.

4.  Keep cans of no-salt-added tomatoes and low-sodium chicken, beef and vegetable broths in your pantry instead of cans of processed soups.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Health Connection, April 2013

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