As the cost of prescriptions increase and healthcare becomes more and more unaffordable, DrugOTC offers non-prescription medications including herbs, vitamins, health food supplements, and medical supplies at affordable prices. We are committed to providing our customers with a variety of over-the-counter medications at the lowest prices. We do so by offering daily discounts on items as well as providing an easy-to-use site map to help you find the proper medications for your mild illnesses.


In addition to offering you products at exceptional prices, we offer free recommendations and consultations to our customers. One of our main goals is to share health information and advice to our customers, so that they use the proper medication for mild illnesses before having to see a physician. Simply navigate through our site to find the proper medication for self-treatment or email us with your health questions and we will promptly recommend a medication for you. Operated by a registered pharmacist, offers quality products that are recommended by an experienced healthcare professional.


We are continually expanding the size of our inventory as well as providing additional services. If you would like to purchase a product that is not currently on our website or request a special service, please feel free to email us. Our excellent customer service stands out among other similar companies and we look forward to serving you. Thank you for shopping with us!