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When you get corns/calluses, your skin thickens and hardens as a result of the prolonged pressure or friction on that particular area of the skin. Corns and calluses can occur anywhere on the skin, particularly on the hands, feet. Removal and prevention of the corn/callus includes some over-the-counter products and other self-care procedures.

  • Super Moleskin Padding (Good Neighbor Pharmacy), 3 Strips
  • $1.99

  • Corn Cushions (Good Neighbor Pharmacy), 9 count
  • $1.59

  • Liquid Callus and Corn Remover, Maximum Strength (Mosco), 0.3 oz.
  • $3.56

  • One Step Corn Removers (Dr. Scholl's), 6 count
  • $4.34

  • Liquid Corn and Callus Remover (Dr. Scholl's), 0.33 oz + 3 Cushions
  • $4.34

  • Molefoam Padding (Dr. Scholl's), 2 Strips
  • $2.46

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