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Every normal, healthy person has gas and gets rid of it from the body by either burping or passing it through the anus. On average, the normal person passes gas about 8 to 20 times per day via the anus. Even though it is completely normal to have gas, it can also be potentially embarrassing (especially when it happens at the worst possible moment). There are some over-the-counter products and changes you can make in your everyday habits/diet to get relief from gas symptoms.

  • Gas Relief Chewable Tablets (Good Neighbor Pharmacy), 100 tablets
  • $5.46

  • Gas Relief Chewables (Good Neighbor Pharmacy), 18 Chewable Tablets
  • $3.74

  • Extra Strength Gas Relief Softgels (Gas-X), 10 count
  • $2.93

  • Liquid Antacid (Major), 12 oz
  • $2.97

  • Antigas Chewable Tablets, Extra Strength, (Gas-X) 18 tablets
  • $4.98

beano Enzyme Tablets

  • beano Enzyme Tablets, 30 ct
  • $5.08

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