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A cough can be a protective action. When there are foreign particles in your air passages, special nerve endings will signal your body to cough so you that these particles do not go into your airways. However, a cough that lasts for a couple of weeks or a cough that expels out blood or abnormally colored phlegm may be a symptom of an underlying medical problem. To stop a cough, it is important to treat the cause of the cough. For example, if your cough is because of a bacterial infection, you should take the antibiotics prescribed to you by your doctor. For persistent cough, please see a doctor. To reduce the number and severity of cough cases, there are also some over-the-counter products and home-remedies that people can try to get some relief.


  • Chloraseptic Total Sore Throat & Cough Lozenges, Wild Cherry/Sugar-Free Wild Cherry, 15 count
  • $3.36

  • Sugar-Free Cough Expectorant Liquid (Diabetic Tussin), 4 oz.
  • $5.95

Similasan Kids Cough Syrup

  • Similasan Kids Cough Syrup,Grape Flavor, 4 oz
  • $6.48

  • Coricidin HBP Chest and Cough Congestion, 20 ct
  • $6.23

  • Diabetic Tussin DM Cough Relief Liquid, 4 oz.
  • $5.95

  • Halls Sugar-Free Throat Drops, 25 count
  • $2.24

  • Coricidin HBP Chest Congestion & Cough Relief Softgels, 20 Softgels
  • $6.23

  • Diabetic Tussin DM Maximum Strength Cough Relief Liquid, 4 oz.
  • $5.95

  • Sugar-free Tussin DM Cough and Chest Congestion Liquid (Good Neighbor Pharmacy) 4 oz.
  • $3.66

  • Soothing Menthol Scent Pads, 6 pads (Vicks)
  • $6.68

  • Expectorant and Cough Suppressant (Good Neighbor Pharmacy), 50 Tablets
  • $8.78

  • Chest Rub and Cough Suppressant (Good Neighbor Pharmacy), 3.53 oz
  • $6.64

  • Mucus Relief PE Expectorant & Nasal Decongestant Tablets (Good Neighbor Pharmacy) 50 Tablets
  • $8.78

Mucinex DM Max Strength

  • Mucinex DM Max Strength Cough and Mucus Relief, 14 Tablets
  • $15.48

  • Sugar Free Cough Drops (Ricola), 19 Drops
  • $1.99

  • Sugar Free Cough Drops, Black Cherry (Halls), 25 count
  • $2.24


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