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The Inexpensive Cure to My Itching Problem

Six weeks ago, an itchy sensation surrounded my body and I couldn't resist the urge to scratch. The uncomfortable throbbing feeling pushed me to relieve my itch by scratching. Initially, it provided a degree of temporary relief, but minutes later, I realized that the itchy feeling reoccured over and over throughout the day. My back, my legs, and arms were extremely dry and I thought it would come to pass; however, it didn't.


By the third week, I couldn't bear the itching any longer. I looked online for some remedies and many forums suggested that using lotion over the itchy areas would help. I made my way over to a local drugstore and consulted a pharmacist about my problem. I ended up purchasing a relatively cheap lotion that totaled up to about $10. That night, I slathered the lotion onto the dry areas of my body. It provided a cooling sensation that helped sooth the itch.


I began using it once a day after taking a shower and now, my condition has improved drastically. The throbbing feeling is gradually fading away and I barely have to itch anymore. The best part is, I avoided three things: seeing a dermatologist, buying expensive creams, and taking medications. Long story short, if you're feeling itchy, lotion from the drugstore may be the solution to help you like it did for me!

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