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Got Diabetes? This Pre-Pregnancy Physical Exam Is Important

If you’re trying to get pregnant, a pre-pregnancy physical is the best way to protect both your and your future baby’s health. Your doctor will look for any problems that could be an issue. If possible, these problems should be found and treated before pregnancy. Tell your doctor:

•How well you are managing your diabetes

• Menstrual and pregnancy history

•Birth control method

•Health problems, including kidney disease, high blood pressure, infections, other diseases

• Whether you have support from family and friends

Your doctor will check the following:

•Heart and blood pressure. Pregnancy puts an extra workload on your heart.

•Nerves. Your doctor should look for signs of nerve damage (neuropathy). This can affect heart rate, blood pressure and even your stomach.

•Kidneys. In some women, kidney disease gets worse during pregnancy. Sometimes, these problems are only temporary during pregnancy. If you have kidney problems now, pregnancy may be harder for you. Kidney disease increases the risk of high blood pressure in the second half of pregnancy.

•Eyes. See an eye doctor for a dilated eye exam. If you have diabetic eye disease (retinopathy), have it treated before you get pregnant.

• Medications. Your doctor should review all your medications.

•Lab work. Lab tests should include bloodglucose control (A1C) and a kidney-function test. If you have type 1 diabetes, a blood sample will be checked for thyroid problems.

Once the exams are done and the lab work is back, you and your doctor should have a frank talk about the risks pregnancy will pose to your health, the risks to your fetus if your bloodglucose levels are not in the normal range and the work that it will take to lower these risks.


Source: American Diabetes Association

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Health Connection, Nov 2017

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