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Allergic to My Girlfriend’s Cat

Whenever I go over to my girlfriend's place, I start sneezing non-stop and my eyes get itchy and watery.

I thought I was just catching a cold, but when the symptoms only appeared when I was at her place or after leaving her place, I started to wonder. I made an appointment with my doctor and the allergist she referred me to, tested my blood. The results came back and I was definitely allergic to cat dander, which as it turns out, doesn’t really have to do with cat hair. The allergist pointed that cat or pet dander in general, is saliva, dead skin cells, or proteins from the animal that can cause an allergic reaction.

After I found out I really was allergic to cat dander, I tried to deal with it as best as I could since my girlfriend wasn’t willing to give the cat away. Before I went to her place, I would take an antihistamine to try to prevent the sneezing and watery eyes. When I was there, I would ask for her to put the cat outside or in another room. I even replaced all the air filters in her house and bought an air purifier with a HEPA filter.

Taking an antihistamine beforehand and keeping the place as free of cat dander as possible really helped reduce the occurrence of my symptoms. This way, we are all happy—I’m symptom-free most of the time and my girlfriend doesn’t have to part with the cat she’s had for years.

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