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Diaper Rash- Treatments

There are some self-care measures and over-the-counter products that you can try to soothe the diaper area.

- Change the diaper on a regular basis. 
- Clean the diaper area well with warm water and gentle soap. Wipe the area completely dry before putting on a new diaper.
- Use disposable diapers.
- If using cloth diapers, wash diapers thoroughly to remove all soap/detergent.  Do not put plastic plants over the diaper because they do not allow for fresh air to pass through.

There are protectants that soothe and protect the diaper area by absorbing the extra moisture in that area. These protectants are available in the form of a cream or ointment that can be smeared onto the diaper area. Look for protectants that contain ingredients such as Zinc Oxide or Petroleum. Do NOT use products with Talcum Powder because it can lead to inflammation of the lungs if the baby breathes in the powder.
Examples of recommended protectants include:
- Desitin (Zinc Oxide)
- Vaseline (Petroleum)

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