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Athlete’s Foot- Treatments


In most cases, athlete’s foot is treated with topical antifungal medication (those that are applied externally to the skin). Some of these medications come in the form of creams, powders, sprays, lotions, and solution. They work by either killing the fungi or stopping the fungi form growing. For severe cases of athlete’s foot, the person may require oral medications (those that are taken by mouth). 

- Use separate towel to dry feet. Do not share towel with other people. 
- Keep feet clean and dry. 
Fungus thrive well in moist environments. So, keep feet clean and dry to create an unfavorable environment for fungus.  
- Change socks every day. Wear clean cotton socks. 
- Alternate shoes. 
Give your shoes a chance to air out before wearing them. 
- Ventilate feet as much as possible. 
- Consider foot powders, and odor-controlling insoles. 
- Wear protective footwear in at risk places—such as in community pools and public gyms. 

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