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Sprains and strains are very common injuries, especially if you play sports. A sprain occurs when the tough band that connects one bone to another bone, is stretched or torn. On the other hand, a strain occurs when either a muscle or the tough tissue that connects your muscles to a bone is stretched too far or torn. Both sprains and strains result in similar symptoms, including pain and swelling. It normally takes weeks to months for sprains and strains to heal. However, you can try some over-the-counter products and self-care measures for temporary symptom relief.


  • 14"x14" Medium Classic Heating Pad (Thermophore)
  • $51.06

  • Composite Wrist Brace (Bell-Horn)
  • $29.90

  • Ice It! Neck/Jaw/Sinus Cold Comfort System (Battle Creek Equipment)
  • $14.14

  • Cold Sleeve (Bellhorn)
  • $17.96

  • BandIT Forearm Support (Bell-Horn)
  • $25.56

  • 4"x17" MaxHEAT Heating Pad (Thermophore)
  • $46.06

  • Ice It! Medium 6"x9" Cold Comfort System (Battle Creek Equipment)
  • $15.71

  • Universal Composite Wrist Brace with Abducted Thumb (Bell-Horn)
  • $27.71

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel

  • Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel, 3 oz
  • $9.94


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